Ratropolis is a real-time deck-building defense game that has finally arrived on iOS. The game was released for PC at the end of 2020 and released on Android in July 2021. Now it has arrived on iOS too.

About the game

Ratropolis will require players to lead their rat outpost to safety and protect their rat citizens from predators and monstrous creatures in their quest to build the largest Ratroplis and etch their name into rodent history. The game will have fast-paced, real-time strategic gameplay that combines roguelite, deck building, and tower defense to provide an engaging and challenging experience.

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Game features

Ratropolis will offer players around 500 cards of economy, building, military, and skill types to execute their strategic commands. The game will also have advisers with talents in finance, defense, and leadership to help players make the right decisions. Players will also be able to choose from six leaders who have their own playstyles and traits.

Other notable features include the presence of more than 100 events where players will be required to make random decisions that end up giving them a new experience every time they play, and the ability to choose from six possible endings that allow players to choose their own destiny.

Final Words

Ratropolis promises an entertaining gameplay experience and also provides a vast array of diverse selection options for players in the form of more than 500 different cards to select and 6 leaders of distinct attributes to choose from. The addition of advisors is also a good feature that can help beginner gamers or players who find the game to be difficult. However, the two features that make Ratropolis a unique game is its inclusion of special events and the option to choose alternate endings.

The presence of events where random decisions taken by players result in new experiences every time they play provides the game with an aspect of suspense and unpredictability, while the option to choose from 6 different endings takes the game's replayability to a whole new level.

Ratropolis is now available to download from App Store for iOS, While Android users who wish to play the game can also get it from Google Play.

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