Betadwarf’s Minion Masters, which initially launched on PC and Xbox, is finally making its way to mobile. This free-to-play game was the first tug of war game available to play online and promised some awesome ultra-fast, adrenaline-raising online gameplay. And now you will soon be able to play this anywhere, thanks to its upcoming launch on mobile. 

For the mobile launch of Minion Masters, Betadwarf is essentially remastering the whole game and releasing a version 2.0 which will launch in early 2022. There are a lot of new changes and quality of life improvements coming to version 2.0.

Arenas are being optimized and will receive new skins that make your gameplay experience feel more cohesive. To get into the same mind frame as your opponent, the arena will now be shared between all players. This allows for better optimization and enhances shadows and other effects. Some arenas have also been recreated for the remastered version.

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Betadwarf is working towards making the gameplay more fun for everyone. They’re working on improvements like increasing the mana gain as well. Skill-based matchmaking is being created to add to the game. This will put players of equal skill against each other to ensure the newcomers have a welcoming experience.

Another thing newcomers can expect is a better tutorial and a smoother onboarding so players know everything they can expect from the game. The whole card mechanic is also being reworked in such a way that it's much easier for players to understand all the complex mechanics.

Other features include a refreshed ranking system and more diverse systems for progressions and rewards. There’s also numerous quality of life and UI improvements. Be sure to check out Minion Masters Remastered's new website to stay up to date. Pre-register now on the Google Play Store.

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