MapleStory M, Nexon’s fantasy MMORPG that takes players back into the world of the popular MapleStory franchise, is holding a limited-time Dual Blade reward event series. This coincides with the game’s massive content update that also adds the all-new region Victoria Road, plus an exciting merch drop IRL.

The newest class in MapleStory M is a fearless master of the dagger and the katana. Acrobatic and agile, the Dual Blade class is a rogue thief that features powerful attack bonuses and a high critical hit rate. This makes for a good combination of skills that result in flashy moves and a high dodge rate.

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To welcome the new Dual Blade class into the fray, the game is holding limited-time events from now until October 20th, such as the Dual Blade Burning Event where players can take part in a 1+2 level up feature using their Dual Blade characters. Clearing missions using Dual Blade classes will also reward players with special gifts in the Dual Blade Growth Support event.

At the same time, anyone who logs into MapleStory M from now until September 23rd will receive a Special Update Box during the Dual Blade On-Time Event. Finally, Nexon America will be releasing new MapleStory M merchandise on, which includes a cool exclusive baseball cap design.

Dive back into a world of nostalgia in this follow-up to the classic IP. If you’re eager to try out the new Dual Blade class for yourself, you can download MapleStory M on the App Store or Google Play Store page. You can also join the community of followers at @PlayMapleM on Twitter to stay updated on all the latest developments.

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