If you’ve been playing Alchemy Stars, chances are you noticed the latest event "Ocean Sovereign II – Endgame." This event is different from what you’ve seen before on Alchemy Stars, and is specifically designed to give seasoned players an extra challenge.

In the first 5 days of the event, new challenges will unlock. On day 6, Navigators will be able to challenge the final boss stage, Desolate Monarch. Players will also be able to challenge 5 other bosses: Philex, Vani, Umbrahulk and Gertzurde.

By completing challenges and defeating these bosses, players will be rewarded with points that they can then exchange for rewards. A total of 18k points will be needed to claim every reward in this event. Since there are six bosses, try to accumulate 3k points from each one! Of course, depending on the team strength, players can try to get even more points per boss (up to 3.8k).

Earning Points

Each difficulty stage grants a certain amount of base reward points, starting with Normal difficulty that gives 500 points, all the way to Berserk difficulty that will reward a whopping 2k points. It goes without saying that there are different level recommendations for each difficulty too.

Along with the difficulty level, players can also select a number of 'Endgame Strategies' (up to ten). These strategies are essentially multipliers that are added to the base points. As an example, if a player sets the difficulty on 'Normal', that will grant them 500 base points. Selecting "You cannot enter Aurora Time in this battle" strategy will add 15% to that amount which means a total of 575 points can be claimed by completing the stage.

There are only two ways of achieving the goal of 3k points per boss. One is by setting the difficulty to Berserk which grants 2k base points and selecting a minimum of 4 strategies, and the other way is by setting the difficulty on Deadly (1.7k base points) - and obviously selecting more strategies!

Different Aurorian levels will be recommended depending on the difficulty level, and each strategy adds some kind of nerf, which means the more strategies a player selects, the harder it is to clear a stage.

As the name suggests, Ocean Sovereign II – Endgame will challenge even the most experienced of Navigators, so new players may find it quite difficult.

The event will be on for two more weeks and since it requires no prism to challenge, players can farm for resources and level up their Aurorians to strengthen their teams.

A strong team and good strategy are needed to clear Ocean Sovereign II – Endgame. Here are some team formations that are doing extremely well in this event.

Team Formation Recommendations:

We recommend using these teams or using them as a general guideline to form your own team.
  1. Hiiro, Sikare, Nikinis, Louise, Areia
  2. Hiiro, Pact, Nikinis, Sikare, Gabriel
  3. Hiiro, Areia, Pasolo, Sikare, Louise
  4. Hiiro, Alice, Pact, Nikinis, Areia
  5. Michael, Irridon, Gronru, Beverly, Schwartz
  6. Michael, Kafka, Unimet, Tessa, Nadine

Combat Tips

  • Always tap on the enemies so you can see their attack patterns. Also, don’t forget that you can always use one of your friends’ support Aurorians to complete your team in this event, in case you are missing a specific unit.
  • Alice is extremely good against Umbrahulk. Her active skill will help your team fend against special attacks from the enemy. All you have to do is keep dodging normal attacks, and you’re set.
  • Keep converting tiles while you dodge Umbrahulk's normal attacks. After surviving the big special attack with Alice’s active skill, try to attack the boss with all of your Aurorians and end up one tile outside of its attack range.
  • Continue converting and dodging and hopefully you will be able to defeat the boss on your second or third rotation. You might need to repeat this stage a number of times before finally defeating the boss and clearing the stage.

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