FunPlus’ State of Survival is celebrating two years of zombie-smashing goodness on mobile, offering a host of rewards and in-game events to its loyal players. The free-to-play mobile strategy game is also celebrating a whopping 100 million downloads to date, so there are lots of reasons to join in on all the fun.

In just two years since its official launch, State of Survival has already made its mark in the mobile sphere, especially with its collaboration with AMC’s The Walking Dead. Daryl Dixon - voiced by actor Norman Reedus - is a playable character in the game, so players can join forces with him to figure out the best way to survive the hordes of the undead squeezing in from all corners of the globe.

We’re incredibly proud of State of Survival’s ongoing success. Reaching the 100 million downloads milestone cements the game at the top of both the zombie survival and strategy genres,” says Chris Petrovic, Chief Business Officer of FunPlus. “As we bring the game to a major new market in Japan and continue to create engaging content, in-game events, and partnerships for players to enjoy, we’re excited to see the game continue on this upward trajectory.”

In line with the two-year anniversary celebrations, fan-favourite NPC Becca will be joining the fray as a new legendary playable hero. Becca can incapacitate nearby foes with her active skill Raid, using her grappling gun to deal damage and stun those who dare get in her way. Her passive skill Incendiary Bullets grants her the ability to unleash AOE damage; plus, her Killer Instinct passive skill lets her inflict greater pain on Elite types of enemies.

There will also be cool daily login bonuses, of course, which include 200 Supply Cases. If you’re eager to join in, you can download State of Survival on Google Play or on the App Store as a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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