Everything is going fine in your village, and then suddenly, you see efficiency figures pop up on your screen in Everdale. And then it starts decreasing with time, and you can’t figure out how to improve your efficiency rate. Well, don’t worry. Since the game doesn’t teach you the basics, this is what every Everdale player has to go through.

In this post, we will teach you why efficiency figures sometimes pop up in the game, what causes the decrease in efficiency rate, and how it can be improved. So, let’s begin.

What is the efficiency percentage in Everdale?

The efficiency percentage in Everdale means at what level of their maximum potential your villagers are currently working at. When all conditions are right, your workers, by default, work at full potential, which is a 100% efficiency rate. During this time, you won't see any efficiency rates pop on your screen.

Efficiency rates pop on your screen only when due to some factor it drops below 100%, (The efficiency rate is only shown on the screen if you have enabled 'time estimates')

Everdale full efficiency

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When does the efficiency percentage drop in Everdale?

Efficiency percentage drops in Everadle when there is an additional factor causing the delay for a particular job. For example,.If you run out of soup, then a working villager will have to wait for the soup to be produced, and this extra waiting time causes a drop in the efficiency percentage for the task they are working on.

In simple words, efficiency percentages drop because there are not enough workers creating the necessary resources to keep up with the build, meaning the villagers will have to wait while resources are being created.

Two common reasons for low-efficiency rate are:

  • Too many workers and not enough soup production to keep up with the demand
  • Slow production of resources such as Wood/Clay, which is required for a build (which is primarily due to bad placement of storage/buildings)

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How to improve efficiency in Everdale?

Improving efficiency is quite easy, just figure out what is causing the drop and solve the problem. For example - if the soup production is slow, then assign one more villager to soup production, and your efficiency rate will jump back to 100%.

That is it for this post. For more such Everdale Tips and tricks and guides, stay tuned with us.

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