Another event-filled month is here in Pokémon GO! September will also mark the beginning of a new season called The Season of Mischief! This will celebrate Hoopa’s arrival with a one-day event on September 5th. There’s also a season-long story about Hoopa and also a ton of other events to check out!

September Research Breakthrough Encounters

The entire month is filled with the imitator Ditto in Research Breakthrough encounters. You may also find a Shiny Ditto in the encounters or in the wild if you’re lucky!

PokéCoin bundles

Every Monday in September, you can purchase a bundle for 1 PokéCoin that contains a Remote Raid Pass and other items but only once per week.

pokemon go hoopa

Featured Pokémon in Raids

Until mid-September, all players will find Lugia with the attack Aeroblast in five-star raids. As for the other Pokémon in Raids, this will depend on your region. Players will find Uxie in the Asia-Pacific, Mesprit in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and India, while Azelf will appear in the Americas and Greenland in five-star raids. These will be available between September 14th and October 1st.

In Mega Raids, Mega Slowbro will be featured for the first two weeks and Mega Houndoom the fortnight after.

Pokémon Spotlight Hours

Every Tuesday from 6:00 to 7:00 pm local time, different Pokémon can be found at a higher rate in the wild with special bonuses attached to them as well!

  • September 7th – Spoink with 2x Catch Stardust
  • September 14th – Baltoy with 2x Catch XP
  • September 21st – Skitty with 2x Catch Candy
  • September 28th – Alolan Meowth with 2x Transfer Candy

Community Day

September’s Community Day Pokémon is the sea-otter Oshawott! Oshawott will be appearing more frequently in the wild and will be attracted to PokéStops with Rainy Lure Modules. We've covered this upcoming event previously if you'd like to learn more.

september 2021 community day oshawott

Other Events

A few other events include Psychic Spectacular which will feature psychic type Pokémon and also the debut of a Pokémon. So, stay tuned for that! Giovanni has gone missing but it can’t be for any good reason so trainers will be to keep an eye out for that. Finally, the month will end with Fashion Week in Pokémon GO giving trainers a chance to show off all their fancy pocket monsters!

Download Pokémon GO and enjoy the Season of Mischief for free on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

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