In our previous article on Apex Legends Mobile, we learned that the developers would release another beta version of the game in September. Well, today, we have an exact date for its release.

Apex Legends Mobile's next beta is to release on September 21

EA's official Latin America account on Twitter has revealed the release date of the upcoming Apex Legends Mobile beta. The tweet confirms that the upcoming beta will release on September 21st in Mexico, Colombia, and Peru. This will be the fourth beta the developers have carried out. Over the past few months, Apex Legends Mobile's beta was available in India, the Philippines, Hong Kong, and a few other countries.

In the previous month, Respawn announced that the next beta for Apex Legends Mobile would be released in Egypt, Turkey, Mexico, Colombia, and Peru. While it is confirmed that the upcoming beta will release on September 21st in Mexico, Colombia, and Peru, the release date for Egypt and Turkey is yet to be revealed. While we believe that the date should be the same for all countries, it's always better to wait for the official word.

The Apex Legends Mobile beta will only be available on Android.

How to play the upcoming Apex Legends Mobile Beta?

The game is already up for pre-registration in the countries where the beta is scheduled to launch. If you reside in any of these countries, then you can simply head to Google Play and pre-register. After the launch date, selected players who meet the requirements will gain access to the beta.

For other players, you can play the beta by downloading and installing the APK file for Apex Legends Mobile and using a VPN after the beta is launched. We have already published a step-by-step guide on how to do it. Make sure to check it out; the guide will come in handy.

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