We have made a few Deep Golf tips that will help you get that hole in one! Deep Golf is one of those mobile golf games that are simple and straight to the point. A classic-style game that features an interesting concept. The reason why it's called "Deep" Golf is that you're playing this mobile sport's title underground.

You travel further and further down as you advance it seems. There are also randomly generated holes to help keep things fresh. It's a pretty chill game that drops you right in almost as soon as you fire the game up. It's this simplicity that will remind you a bit of the arcade days.

But, although the game is pretty simple to pick up, it can be sometimes challenging to master. This in part is due to the constantly changing holes that we mentioned earlier. In golf, course design can be your biggest obstacle and that's where the challenge comes from here. Here are some tips for you to tackle the dark, underground course.