Have you been wondering what your Alchemy Stars daily routine should be and the things that you need to do? We've put this guide together to help you out.

It's been a little over a month since Alchemy Stars celebrated its global release. New events are coming out and new players joining the game servers daily. So what better time to write something about this game and try to help all these new players. 

So, without any further ado, let's get right into it.

Alchemy Stars: Progression as a new player

First things first, as a new player you want to focus on the story. By clearing chapters, you are also going to unlock some very important game features that are unavailable at the beginning of the game. The first chapters of the story mode are going to be very easy and their goal is to get you accustomed to the game and its mechanics. You can easily clear them without having a specific team.

With that being said, you do want to recruit new Aurorians and slowly start to assemble your team. It might not be as easy to max your characters as a F2P player, but it can be done if you manage your resources and focus on one character at a time.

If you are wondering what team you should aim for and which units are considered to be really strong, you might want to check out our Alchemy Stars tier list.

Due to how the stamina system works as a F2P player, try to limit the number of high-quality characters you spend your resources on. Higher rarity equals more resources. Save Nightium as you are going to need it later in order to ascend your characters. whilst Colossus material is still very important. You are going to need to find a balance between all these things as a f2p player.

If you are a premium player, you won't be farming Nightium and exp, so that's an advantage players that spend have over f2p, for sure.

Unlocking Colossus

Alchemy Stars daily routine

If you've completed Story Chapters 1-13, congratulations! That means you successfully unlocked a very important feature in Alchemy Stars, the Colossus. Why is it so important you might wonder? That’s because once you start upgrading it, you will receive a lot of rewards.

Upgrading Colossus

Upgrading Colossus should be on the top of your priorities list. Use up your building resources, aka Firefiles, all of them, because room rewards are definitely worth it. Of course, there’s a certain order in which you want to upgrade the rooms.

First of all, you should raise the Bridge to level 5, which is currently the max level. Why do you want to do that first? Well, a maxed-out Bridge will allow you to upgrade the other rooms.

The next room you want to focus on is Prism Pillar. It’s really self-explanatory why you want to do that. The higher level this room is, the more Prism refills you get. A maxed Prism Pillar room with 3 units in it equals a 60% increased recovery rate.

Next is Resource Station, which is going to unlock higher tiers of Resource Missions. Why’s that important? Because you are going to receive the highest level of materials such as Nightium, Colossus building mats, EXP and so on.

By upgrading Dispatch Office it will give you a higher chance of six-star expeditions, which can reward you with more Pull and Lumamber currency (and occasionally special Furniture and books for the Cafe).

Exploration Room should be next as it will give you more MS and it will also unlock more stages of Secret Territory.

Ascension Resources and how to get them

Always go for the highest stage possible. Usually, when you want to ascend your character, the first two materials are going to be the main ‘issue’. If you tap on the material, the game will show you which maps you can farm in order to get them (potentially) as an exploration reward. Make sure you always grind the highest available one as the supply kits will start dropping. Of course, it also depends on where you are at in the game in terms of your team's strength.

Alchemy Stars daily quests

Alchemy Star Daily Routine

Progressing further into the story should definitely be one of your daily goals in Alchemy Stars. Ideally, you want to complete each stage with max stars but if the content is too hard for your current team composition, you can simply come back to it later and try to get it done once your party is stronger.

You always want to complete the Alchemy Stars' daily routine activities so you can claim the rewards. Here’s the complete list of the quests.
  • Clear an adventure stage once
  • Clear an adventure stage five times
  • Clear an adventure stage ten times
  • Defeat an Eclipisite Boss
  • Complete resource raid
  • Purchase Store items
  • Recruit Aurorians once (Unlike the other quests on this list, this grants you 20 points instead of 10)
  • Colossus obtain Prism once
  • Complete a terminal dialogue
  • Give Aurorian gift once
  • Talk with Aurorians on the Colossus once
  • Enhance Aurorian level once
  • Complete one Dispatch quest

Every one of these quests grants you 10 activity points. In order to reach the Alchemy Stars daily routine goal, you are going to need 100 points, which means 10 missions per day. If you earn 120 points of activity, you can claim an extra login reward from the monthly login. That's it, keep up with our daily routine and it will certainly bring you a lot of benefits and save a lot of time!

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