Time to take to the skies as Sky Gamblers: Infinite Jets launches on Android devices today. Atypical Games’ flight simulator game lets players soar through the clouds across real-world locations and perform aerial acrobatics and sick stunts as they take flight on their very own virtual fighter jet.

Sky Gamblers: Infinite Jets is the sequel to Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy and Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders. Players can fight for dominance in the skies in their custom jets above IRL cities that have been recreated in meticulous detail. But if you feel like you ever need a little bit more practice, you can hone your evasive maneuvering tactics against AI.

These training sessions can help you polish your targeting prowess so that you can reign supreme in the multiplayer modes with some friendly competition. Multiplayer game modes include a Team Deathmatch as well as a PvE mode to test your skills (and your friendship).

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The game also features a single-player campaign with a storyline that will have you flying through iconic locations across the globe. Of course, you’re not going to be soaring the skies to see the sights - you’ll have to triumph over heavily armed battleships and enemy fighter jets using your choice of aircraft from over 100 different types of planes (and tons of cool weapons to boot).

Sky Gamblers: Infinite Jets is now available to download on the Google Play Store for a price tag of $4.99. You can also visit the official website if you want to know more about the game, or have a look at the embedded trailer above for a little sneak peek at the thrilling gameplay.

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