NetEase Games is releasing a major update for LifeAfter on August 6th with The Revenant, an Unimagined Way of Survival. Players can expect exciting enhancements, a new server, and a new item called the blue Reagent, which is a power potion that can turn a zombie into the Revenant.

From July 26th, players can pre-register for LifeAfter’s new server to score rewards like New Dollar, Formula Shards, Heart Pacemaker, and Revenant spray paint to name a few. The open-world doomsday survival game now lets players choose between remaining human or changing their appearance as half-zombie Survivors called Revenants.

As a Revenant, you will unleash a powerful mutant ability that will boost your survival in a zombie-infested world. Of course, this transformation doesn’t come without a cost, as you’ll have to risk losing your humanity in the process. Does being a Revenant present a hope for a better future, or is it just another disease that will eliminate humankind as you know it?

Choosing to be a Revenant will also dramatically alter the appearance of a human Survivior, granting his or her left eye an otherworldly bluish glow and a right eye that’s dark as night. The same midnight bluish hue will mushroom all over the veins of one’s pale face. The Revenant will also be dependent on the mysterious Flower of Revenant for power, granting a significant boost in combat.

LifeAfter is available to download on the App Store and on Google Play as a free-to-play game with in-app purchases. The game is currently holding a collab event with the Ghost In The Shell franchise until August 5th.

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