Rush Rally Origins is all set to release on Android and iOS on August 19. The pre-registration for the game has now begun. If you are a true racing fan, what are you waiting for?

Rush Rally Origins to release on August 19

Last month when Rush Rally Origins was announced to be coming to mobile, we were among the first to inform you. Once again, we are happy to be the bearer of the good news that Brownmonster, the game publisher, has officially announced they will be releasing Rush Rally Origins for both Android and iOS devices on August 19, 2021.

Starting from today, the game is available for Pre-Registration on both Google Play and The App Store. Rush Rally Origins is a premium game and is priced at $4.99.

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About Rush Rally Origins

Rush Rally Origins is the newest addition to the long-running franchise 'Rush Rally.' It is a classic top-down racing action game that comes loaded with fantastic graphics and realistic physics from Rush Rally 3.

As per the information provided on the game's official website, it will feature 36 stages across the world. The game also provides the players with an option to change the time of the day and weather as they jump behind the wheel. So buckle up and get ready to race across challenging surfaces, including snow, gravel, mud, tarmac, and dirt.

What is new in Rush Rally Origins?

Talking of the gameplay, it's pretty much similar to the previous Rush Rally games where you complete in series of rally championships against others, trying to rank up on the online leaderboard by improving your times.

The game now offers the players to play at 120fps (on supported devices) which is a blessing for all the hardcore racing fans. Lastly, the game now also has a ghost system, which means you are racing not only against other players but yourself too, trying to beat your best time.

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