Clash of Minions is an upcoming idle strategy title from IGG of Lords Mobile fame. Coming to both iOS and Android devices on August 18th, the casual RPG takes you to the land of Petra where darkness has fallen - it’s up to you to change the course of history and fight to restore the light.

Now open for pre-registration for all major global regions, Clash of Minions lets players recruit heroes from seven factions and lead them into epic real-time troop battles. Every hero that you add to your roster will have its own set of unique skills, so leading your armies to victory - especially when it comes to powerful foes - means picking the best combination of characters and experimenting with all seven factions.

Given that it’s an idle game, you can bring back the light and rebalance the scales of justice even when you’re not logged into the game. You can enjoy casual, stress-free, and low-pressure gameplay at your own pace as you can collect AFK rewards with just a tap. There’s definitely no intense grinding here - you can even share levels across heroes.

Aside from strategizing the best team formations for your heroes, you can also go on a different kind of adventure with randomized mazes. If you’re looking for a little break from all the fighting, why not explore dungeons that have multiple branching routes where very corner is a surprise?

Pre-registration for Clash of Minions is now open on Google Play and on the App Store. To know more about the game, you can visit the official website, or join the community of fans over on the game’s official Facebook channel for all the latest updates.

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