Viridino Studios’ Rabisco tasks you with recovering the stars for the moon, coming soon to iOS devices. While Ms. Rabisco’s adorably blob-like appearance might make it seem like the game is a walk in the park, it’s actually “inspired by the World’s Hardest Game”, as the developers like to call it.

Rabisco’s charming appeal comes in stark contrast with the level of difficulty of the game, as you’ll have to traverse moving platforms, avoid deadly spikes, and dodge malevolent forces that look a little bit like bacteria with frowny faces. Of course, you’ll do your best to collect keys, move boxes, and grab those stars because the moon is sad and the sky has become dark and empty. It’s up to you to bring back the light, and why wouldn’t you? With the way the environment is drawn in cute 2D pixel art, illuminating this colourful, crayon-filled world should be your top priority.

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Apart from the appealing hand-drawn aesthetic, the game also features over 20 types of enemies, a speed run mode, and tons of objects you can interact with. Plus, there’s a pretty lighthearted Bossa Nova-inspired soundtrack, so even though the 100 levels can be pretty hardcore, it likely won’t drive you to rage-quit thanks to the calming beats in the background.

Rabisco will be officially available to download on the App Store on July 14th with a price tag of $1.99, and you can already pre-order the title today. Given how intricately designed the levels of the game are, it does feel like it’s the perfect fit for anyone who’s looking for a real challenge on their mobile phone. You can see what I mean in the embedded trailer above.

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