The Captain is Dead introduces an all-new Tactical HUD in its latest update, along with four new crew members as you scramble aboard a ship with no captain. Thunderbox Entertainment’s sci-fi survival strategy frenzy adds extra danger and space mayhem as you try to figure out how to pick up the pieces after dear ol’ Captain’s unexpected demise.

The new Tactical HUD of The Captain is Dead was designed with the help of fans from the Steam community, which means that it’s an efficient upgrade that provides players with readily accessible data. With all the info at your fingertips, it’s now easier to assess urgent situations and react in a timely manner.

Each of the four new crew members has its own set of skills to contribute as well. The Tactical Officer keeps shields and crew in check, while the Scholar always dispenses useful wisdom when needed. The Hologram is immune to damage, while the Teleporter Chief helps with, well, teleportation.

The new update also adds 36 extra achievements, so you can put out fires, keep your ship afloat, and battle alien menaces like a pro. The digital adaptation of the board game (with the same name) tasks you to command your fellow crew after your ship’s captain suddenly dies, so you’ll have to use your wits and your crewmates’ unique skills to make it through your outer-space adventure in one piece.

The Captain is Dead is available to download on the App Store and on the Google Play Store, with a discounted price tag of $6.99. Currently, you can take advantage of the 25% discount for Steam as well to celebrate the new update.

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