You First, an interactive visual novel about romance and all its ups and downs, will soon launch globally this summer for both iOS and Android. Written, directed, and produced by Roberto Alvite of Melgo Cinema, the unique experience lets players dive into the world of Seb and Alex as they explore an open relationship.

In a Choose Your Own Adventure-esque style, players can pick the path the game’s protagonists will take. You First uses this immersive perspective to show how the lives of Seb and Alex can change through the years, even after deciding to have an open relationship. The challenge for them both - and, by extension, for the players - is that the world they live in defines romance in terms of matches and likes. In the midst of these superficial notions, can they rediscover what it means to fall in love?

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The concept of the game reexamines the unconventional circumstances of open relationships without prejudice. It will be up to the player to decide what happens to the intimacy of the couple after months of living together in order to help their relationship grow.

To help you get a better idea of the narrative, here’s the synopsis of the game: “Is there only one right way to love? Alex and Seb are on the cusp of their lives. For them, every day overflows with love, sex and sympathy for each other. When the couple decides to open their relationship, they hope to discover new pleasures while maintaining and strengthening their couple goals. This new experience will lead them to other ways of loving and growing as a person.

Chapters 1-3 of You First will be available for both iOS and Android this summer and will take around 60 minutes to complete. The first chapter will  be available to download for free and the succeeding ones at a price point of $5.99. For now, you can find out more about the game over at the official website.

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