Tencent is closing down operations of Call of Duty Online in an effort to push players towards Call of Duty: Mobile. The game will close on 31st August.

The Call of Duty Online team announced this last month in the form of a blog post where it said this was happening due to the expiration of an agency contract. Industry analyst Daniel Ahmad also attributes this to declining revenue and lack of interest from Activision.

The team is offering a compensation event for players to want to see the game off in its final months. These come in the form of gift packs that serve as a replacement for any player’s unused virtual currency on their account.

After 31st August, however, Tencent will be erasing all player data and the game will no longer be available to play.

Call of Duty Online first launched in 2015 as a free-to-play PC game in China, featuring maps and weapons from all across the Call of Duty franchise. CoD: Mobile, on the other hand, only launched last year as a free to play mobile game also using the same kind of structure to its content framework.

Check out the game’s official website to learn more about the compensation event that works as a transition between Call of Duty Online and CoD: Mobile.

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