PUBG MOBILE is the original Battle Royale experience that started the massive growth of the genre (its PC counterpart that is). Up to 100 players jump out of an aircraft and into a giant open-world where each player battles it out for the win (also known as the Chicken Dinner). 

Playing in squads is a popular way to enjoy the game, and the format is the same; whichever group survives at the end, wins the Chicken Dinner. When players drop into the world, they come in empty-handed so it's up to them to go into buildings and find weapons and gear. 

If you feel kind of tired after countless battles or full from eating so many Chicken Dinners, then there's a nice little extra mode. It's called "Cheer Park" and it's more of a social kind of mode, so it's pretty good when you want to take a break from competition. Here are a few things to know about the mode. 

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