Not all gamers - particularly those who find spatial awareness a bit of a challenge - are physics-savvy. While plenty of puzzle games on mobile right now have some form of physics-based logic incorporated into them, it’s not always an indication of whether or not a game will be a hit. Of course, when you throw a wayward pink donut into the mix, it’s a completely different story. This news was first covered over at TouchArcade.

In Componut, you play to rescue the hole-some sweet treat from the horrors of the world by getting it back into its box where it belongs - either that or your donut has escaped and you need to keep it captive until your next meal. Either way, you’ll need to do whatever you can to achieve your noble goal, even if it means building unholy contraptions just to get the job done. Herein lies the creativity of the game, because players will really need to put on their thinking caps to come up with brilliant new ways just to get to that runaway donut.

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This fun 2D physics puzzle game encourages players to unleash their inner physicists with complicated inventions or keep things simple using seven different building elements via a mobile-friendly input system. Each element will have its own attributes - for instance, the Wood Bar will collide with everything except for steel materials and parts it’s directly connected to. It’s up to you to figure out how you can best utilize these unique traits. Then, you can watch your invention in action, save your replays, and share them with your friends to show them how brilliant you are.

There are 50 levels in total where you can create your own solutions to problems, all done in colourful, vivid environments from barn houses to underground mines. Thankfully, you won’t have to wait too long until you get to that donut, since Componut will be out for iOS and Android devices in the next few weeks.

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