Updated on: September 12th, 2021 - changed working, adjusted some ranks

With so many heroes in the game, they're not all going to be great. As such each of them lies under a specific tier and that’s made by judging their current effectiveness on the battlefield. So by carefully considering all the factors, we bring you the latest Crush Them All tier list.

Crush Them All is a popular RPG title where you go around and slay humongous bosses with your ultimate goal being to free the princess who is imprisoned in a dungeon. The game features hundreds of heroes to choose from and thousands of unique stages to play.

All of the best characters on our Crush Them All tier list

Initially, the game might seem like a common RPG, but the developers have done an excellent job of making it unique. From guild raid battles to the usage of artifacts, there are plenty of ways that the developer has implemented to keep the player engaged.

As we mentioned above, there are hundreds of heroes to choose from, with each one having different stats and attributes. You might get confused while selecting one. And it is worth mentioning that the hero plays a major role during the battle.

Before we head into the tier list, make sure you understand the categories each hero falls into. This Crush Them All tier list is divided and arranged by assessing the Elements and Rarity.

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