The dust has settled following another successful LaunchPad. The apparatus is tidied away, the equipment has been reset, and everybody has had a nice nap. We also did high-fives, a lot of them. But, if you're reading this then there's a chance that you weren't among the almost 2million people who tuned in throughout our two Pocket Gamer LaunchPad #4 streams. If so, goodness, we've got some catching up to do.

But, we can't sit here and talk about everything great that happened in the streams. Nope, if you want the full experience then you can head over to our Twitch or Youtube channels for that. We're here to talk about our favourite five reveals or features from during the event.

My School Simulator

Let's start with possibly the craziest thing to happen in LaunchPad history. We exclusively revealed a trailer for NetEase's My School Simulator. A simple sounding game that gets wackier the more you see of it. What initially sounds like quite a tame, slice-of-life experience suddenly becomes a chaotic, open-world experience where you fight robots and customise hang-out spaces when you're not jetpacking around the cityscape. Hilarious, but equally compelling.

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Legends of Kingdom Rush in action

Two weeks before we ran the event we didn't know that we'd be talking to Ironhide Studios. Yet right there on the 20th of May we ran over five minutes of footage from the Legends of Kingdom Rush. It's a hex-based twist on the well-loved Kingdom Rush universe, and we were the first time hundreds of thousands of people got to see the game in action. Wow.

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The Indies

The indies are the main reason that I got into the games industry. Before my years here at Pocket Gamer, I started off covering the smallest indie games, plucking them from XBLIG and Steam Greenlight, and trying to shine the spotlight onto titles that might otherwise be missed. Pocket Gamer LaunchPad might be mobile-focused, but it's an amazing way to shine the spotlight onto tonnes of games that are otherwise missed, and this time around we had Sophia, who runs our Big Indie Pitch, co-host on day 2. 

She talked through some of the winners from recent Big Indie Pitches, and we got an early peek at games that could well, in time, become the next big thing.

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The Exclusive Gameplay

Over those densely-packed two days we played through more than a handful of games, including first looks at Memory Stamps and R.A.C.E. However, we also played through games which we discussed because they were on sale, or were on course to receive an update: games like Hyperbrawl Tournament and Dead Cells made it into the show - and those are just the games we got to play, there were tonnes more where we revealed exclusive gameplay. 

Our Sponsors

It might sound cheesy, but we wouldn't have been able to bring this whole thing together without the help of our sponsors, and for that we are incredibly grateful. We're certainly no ragt-ag band of misfits, but even with our many years of running shows and more, we simply can't keep delivering these highest-quality events without the help of sponsors. So, a big thanks to Gordon Ramsay's Chef Blast, Mystery Match Village and Daisys Revenge - each of which you can watch by checking out the streams.

Feeling bad about missing out? Great news, we've announced Pocket Gamer LaunchPad #5 for August this year!