Wild Rift is already one of the most popular MOBAs on mobile, even before its full-fledged global release. The game is already picking up pace and popularity among players who used to grind other MOBA titles. And with that popularity comes player’s tendency to try and cheat through the use of hacks.

Yes, there are hacks for Wild Rift and they are also being used on a larger scale. After the game got released in the majority of regions this year, the amount these cheats are used in increasing. There are multiple types of hacks being used by players depending on the fun they're looking for whilst fulfilling their intentions.

Like any other title, Wild Rift also has a competitive scene with its ranked mode. It all depends on the player whether they choose to participate honestly or make their way easily by using some of the Wild Rift hacks while causing trouble for other players and destroying the charm of the game.

What are Wild Rift hacks?

There are sets of Wild Rift hacks that have different functions in the game, which basically alters the regular game flow. By this mean to say that, the cheats cause some types of disruption in-game, especially in the ranked matches to boost the player who is using it. These hacks come as an application file that contains the scripts which are made to override the regular ones, thus allowing the players to manipulate the game.

What types of Wild Rift hacks are there?

There are dozens of hacks for Wild Rift that are being used at the moment. Some of the popular ones include Maphack, shop, coins hack and win trading. Let us take a detailed look at each of them.


One of the most common hack for MOBAs, it allows the players to see through the fog of war to see each and every player’s position on the minimap. So, here comes the question, what’s the harm of using it? Well, MOBA maps don’t allow the full vision of the position of the players. There is a certain distance at which the players are visible to each other. With the help of this, the players get to know the movement of the enemy and gank them to land kills. It plays into part of the strategy layer that's integral to most MOBAs.

This is quite unfair as the opposite team has no idea about the hacker’s position as the minimap is a regular one for them and this could lead to them losing the match since they unfairly have less intel on the enemy positions. So the point of using the hack is to win a match easily and such cheats are usually found in ranked matches since it makes climbing the ranks much easier for hackers.

Shop and Coin Wild Rift hack

These are some of the new types of hacks that have been reported quite frequently these days. These Wild Rift hacks allow you to gain a huge amount of gold in a very short period of time and basically buy everything from the shop without even having any gold. Well, they are used by players who are skilled enough to play the game but want an advantage over their opponents. It doesn’t affect the game as the above one does, but still, it is an illegal way to play the game.

Win Trading

Well, this one isn't technically a hack since it doesn’t involve any usage of script or app, but win trading is considered bad practice as it ruins the gameplay experience. This practice is encountered by a lot of players though they may fail to recognise it at the time.

So, what is actually win trading? Well, win trading is a method where a team of five try to go against their friends allowing them to win the match while taking maximum kills. If they are matched with a different team then one of the members goes AFK in order to invalidate the match.

If you see a player with the same team and opponent members, going on a continuous winning streak along with a lot of kills, then congrats, you have likely spotted a win trader. Make sure to report them before you leave their profile, as they continuously change their name so you might not be able to find them again.

Are hacks worth it?

The simple answer to this big question is no, they are not at all worth it. There a lot of players who are diligently working hard to rank up while adhering to the game's ethics. And by using the hacks you hamper their progress and gradually they might lose interest, which will result in a low player base of the game.

What are the repercussions of using Wild Rift hacks?

Riot takes hacks and other illegal methods of securing victory very seriously. Although players have managed to come out with numerous ways to implement these illegal ways, Riot is also strengthening its cheat detection system.

From day one, Riot has clearly stated that their anti-cheat system detects the usage of cheating scripts and third-party apps, after which the account receives a permanent ban. Moreover, to date, thousands of accounts are suspended every week for using cheats.

In addition, Riot also bans the device, which means right after the account is suspended, players will no more be able to play the game on that very device.

Ultimately, it is not advisable to use third-party apps or scripts like these since they can contain malware or viruses that could put your device in danger. Lastly, the games are meant for fun and entertainment and must be played fairly while maintaining moral principles.

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