What’s new in the Abyss Tank? Abyssrium, Flero Games’ ultra-chill aqua-themed healing game, is celebrating its 5th anniversary with a magical warrior costume, enchanting castle dye, a relaxing light sea theme, and new fish to collect and prettify your aquarium with.

Keeping up with its relaxing nature filled with ambient water droplets and soothing whale calls, the game tasks you with a low-key 5th-anniversary quest you can clear in the Abyss Tank, as well as a Magic Stone coin collection event to round out the feel-good vibes. Beginning on June 3rd, players can not only enjoy all the exciting new marine life additions to the game, but also revisit 16 previously featured event fish just for the anniversary.

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There will also be Extension Missions players can complete to acquire 8 types of extension, plus magical elemental fairies (fire, wind, water, and earth) users can collect by clearing events throughout the celebration. Completing all four elements rewards players for their hard-earned effort with a special prize!

Of course, Abyssrium’s fan-fave character Corgi also joins the festivities. In Corgi’s mini-game, players can keep their furry friend safe from falling obstacles to earn special extension items. This includes the Magic Circle Tile, the Knights Flag, and the Baby Penguin Cube.

You can score tons of decor, a limited edition anniversary party tank, and even an exclusive Rainbow Unicorn character all throughout the event, so be sure to download Abyssrium on either iOS or Android to join in on all the fun.