Capcom, in partnership with game developer Yun Chang, is releasing a new Devil May Cry game for mobile platforms in China on 11th June, as caught by TapTap. It should be coming to other regions later in the year.

The game’s official title is Devil May Cry: Peak Of Combat, and it’s a genuine mobile interpretation of the familiar Devil May Cry gameplay that fans have enjoyed over the last two decades.

It uses the game’s combination of freedom and flexibility with regards to its skillful combat, allowing the stunning and unrestrained fighting style to take lead as it has in all other iterations of the game. It does this through its industry-leading motion capture technology, allowing you to experience the high thrills through an immersive combo experience.

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Devil May Cry: Peak Of Combat seems to be taking more inspiration from the classic games rather than the more recent Devil May Cry 5 which redesigned a lot of the characters, bosses and weapons. From the trailer we get a little peek of Dante, Vergil, and Lady, as well as a few bosses and locations that will be featured in the game.

Besides that, we don’t know much about the plot, but you can see more of the game’s fluid combat and epic scenery in the trailer linked above.

Devil May Cry: Peak Of Combat is releasing on mobile platforms in China on 11th June. We don’t know yet what the plans are for it coming to more regions, but the series is celebrating its 20th anniversary in August so it’s possible we may know more by then.

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