Punishing: Gray Raven’s closed beta for Android devices has started today after an initial announcement last week.

Kuro Game has begun the beta after a short period of pre-registration sees 3000 overall players joining the game to get a taste of what the full product will offer when it launches later this summer. While the beta is currently only running on Android, the developer has assured that iOS players will soon be able to sample it at a later date.

In addition to being able to play Punishing: Gray Raven early, beta players can obtain a bundle of in-game resources when it fully launches in the summer. These items will give you an advantage in combat and help to prepare you.

As for what these items are, beta players can expect to receive 15,000 Black Cards, 10,000 Basic Character Research Tickets, 7,500 Targeted Weapon Research Tickets, and ten Medium Serum Bundles with the full game.

Although Kuro Game had initially said there will be no character wipes for Punishing: Gray Raven planned between beta and the full launch, we can confirm there actually will be a character and progress wipe at some point between now and the launch. So you can feel free to play as much of the beta as you want if you’re in it, but beware that any progress you make won’t carry over to the full game.

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The Android closed beta is running from today until 3rd June. An iOS beta is on the cards, but no specific details of that are known yet.

As for when you can expect Punishing: Gray Raven to launch, there isn’t a concrete date yet but it should be arriving sometime in the summer. It will launch on the iOS App Store and on Google Play as a free to play title.

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