Game developer Klemens Strasser, the creator of Subwords, Asymmetric, and Elementary Minute, has released Letter Rooms, a new word puzzle game for iOS devices. The game is now available to download from the App Store.

Letter Rooms is pretty straightforward. You are presented with a bunch of letters in which you can move them around to form words. You’re also given a clue to help you solve these riddles, and can adjust the ordering of these letters in any way possible.

Letter Rooms has over 200 puzzles available to play, covering up to 12 different topics. These themes include things like animals, sports, culinary, or pop culture.

Strasser emphasises the accessibility of Letter Rooms, meaning it is incredibly easy to play whether you’re good at anagrams or may need a bit of help. That’s why the game has a helpful in-game hints system, as well as the ability to skip any level if you get stuck on it.

Speaking of accessibility, the game also uses features such as a dyslexic font as well as support for VoiceOver and VoiceControl, allowing those with disabilities to be able to also enjoy the game and complete it.

You can download Letter Rooms now from the iOS App Store. There's no word on if an Android version will happen, but you can keep up to date with the game from the official website.

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