Burning Fox Games has released a new mobile puzzle game called Polar Bear Rescue, intending to raise awareness about climate change. It is currently available for Android devices, but a version for iOS is also planned for release some time down the line.

In Polar Bear Rescue, you must rescue a small polar bear from the floating ice blocks in the sea and bring it back to safety on the mainland.

Your objective is to rescue it by connecting wooden bridges together to create a path for it to cross safely. The levels gradually increase in difficulty, and you can unlock new worlds as you progress through the game.

You can watch a trailer for Polar Bear Rescue below to see more of the game in motion. As an additional bonus, there are collectibles you can find which show real polar bears in their natural habitats.

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Developer Burning Fox Games hopes to use this game to bring more awareness to the current climate crisis that is threatening the habitats for polar bears.

“It was important to us to create a game that is both fun and fosters logical and three-dimensional thinking for all ages,” says Nils Schergens from Burning Fox Games. “At the same time, we also want to draw attention to the critical situation of polar bears due to climate change.”

Located in Germany, Burning Fox was founded in October last year and aims to develop new game concepts with a focus on learning and sustainability.

You can download Polar Bear Rescue now from the Google Play for Android store, and it will be coming soon to the iOS App Store store.

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