Game developer Tepes Ovidiu will be releasing their mobile puzzle game Memory Stamps for iOS and Android devices soon, and a gameplay preview build was provided to Pocket Gamer to showcase during our LaunchPad livestream.

Memory Stamps is a puzzle game with meditative zen-like elements, where it uses several proven methods used to enhance visual memory to help you relax. It’s intended for both gamers and non-gamers to be used primarily as a stress-free way of training your memory.

The game presents you with a bunch of themed illustration stamps, and once you’re sure you’ve memorised it all, they begin to disappear and you must use your visual memory to piece everything back together.

You can watch an archive of the LaunchPad stream from last week below where James attempts a few of the levels from Memory Stamps. In the full game you'll be able to play in Zen Mode, which lets you beat each stage in your own time, and Challenge Mode which uses a timer to test you properly.

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You may be familiar with Tepes Ovidiu from their previous games on mobile such as like Not Chess, The Longest Drift, and Railway Canyon. Memory Stamps looks to be another banger.

Memory Stamps comes to the iOS App Store and the Google Play for Android store on 1st June, where it will be a paid title costing $1.99. You can already pre-register for it too, and paying upfront means there will be no adverts or in-app purchases.

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