An exciting class change system, The Abyss Season 26, and a new pet - these are just some of the cool additions to MU Origin 2’s massive 5.2 update. Whether you’re a Holy Mage or a classic Dark Knight, you’ll never run out of ways to enjoy the game as you form parties, raid dungeons, join guilds, or care for your trusty Guardian Pet.

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Webzen’s second mobile spin-off to Korean hit MU Online features new buffs you can acquire via the Ancient Tower, where you can enter once a day upon reaching Lvl 350. As you clear more and more floors, you can nab the Ancient Trace and Heart of Eternity to enhance your Ancient Relic. You can also switch things up with the Costume Evolution System; plus, you can now easily change classes using the “Chest of Gospels” item from the Diamonds Shop (look for NPC Chopa at the south of the Lorencia). On top of bug fixes, convenience features, character max level expansion, and a new map, the update also rewards players with a daily login bonus plus Happy Hour perks just for playing.

Meanwhile, MU Origin 2’s second anniversary celebration event is coming on May 24. The event will bring 3-week login bonuses, special boss monster rewards, free permanent costume, special promotions, with free rewards, which will be running until May 30.

All these are just to scratch the surface of what the new update brings, and if you’re eager to find out more, you can follow MU Origin 2’s Facebook page, or check out the official website. MU Origin 2 is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases, available now on iOS and Android.

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