Recently, NetEase had launched its sci-fi space sim title, Infinite Lagrange in Europe. After going through the beta testing phase the game finally rolled out for the long waiting players. Today, during NetEase Connects 2021, they unveiled a new teaser video explaining the game. 

The game is highly popular among space enthusiasts as it lets them go on a virtual and imaginary space adventure, right from their mobile devices. Infinite Lagrange’s story starts after humans create a warp in space that allowed for intergalactic travel.

The game allows you to create bases in space that has an exit point that connects directly to another. With the advancing technology and the humans’ curiosity, several exits were created in the galaxy that ultimately created the Lagrange Network. Take a look at the video below that describes the creation of the Lagrange Network. 

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Not only do the elements of space adventure and simulation come into play, but Infinite Lagrange shows an excellent association of space science as well. While playing the game you will get to know a lot of space-related terms and phenomena.

The game also showcases the consequences of rapid space exploration, since stepping into an unknown land is quite dangerous. With missing fleet members in the far-stretched Lagrange Network, the political elements also come into play and you will need to find a solution and settle the dispute among the citizens.

If space sim is what interests you, then Infinite Lagrange might be worth playing and you'll learn about how nuclear fusion technology, a high energy device and warp space helped the humans go on an interstellar journey and change the course of history.

Infinite Lagrange is now available on Google Play and App Store. It is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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