Video game publisher StickyLock Games has announced the release of Woven, an indie puzzle game by Alterego Games, for iOS and Android devices after a previous release on PC and consoles.

Woven is a relaxed puzzle game set in a world where woollen creatures once lived in peace. You wander the world as Stuffy, a clumsy stuffed animal exploring with their companion, a metal firefly called Glitch.

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The world of Woven is filled with obstacles and challenges you must overcome. You can find blueprints of animals to modify Stuffy’s shape and abilities, allowing them to complete puzzles with a variety of different movements and actions.

For example, you can add elephant legs to Stuffy to make them stronger, but you may need to swap them out for rabbit legs which can jump. There is something for every type of situation.

Due to its relaxed nature, Woven lends itself well for mobile gaming. This is achieved through the conversation from console controls to on-screen buttons, optimising the experience for handheld gaming with ease.

Woven was originally designed with touch controls in mind, so it’s nice to see the game has finally been able to make its way over to mobile platforms with this new release. Previously, it was released for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

You can download the first level of Woven for free from the iOS App Store and the Google Play for Android store as a playable demo, and then grab the rest of the game as an in-app purchase.

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