NetEase’s Lost Light is an upcoming shooter that takes place in a lockdown zone. Recently, the game soft-launched in Australia and New Zealand. In comparison with other shooter titles in the market, Lost Light stands different due to its unique gameplay and concept.

In this basic Lost Light preview and guide, we will briefly discuss the different elements of the game and will take a closer look at what makes Lost Light different from the rest. First, we will start with the BAF Factory Map.

Basically, the BAF Factory map is a small area filled with crates and ladders that connects to each and every corner of the location. This particularly map tests out your skills in close-range combat and sniping. Although there are multiple maps to choose from, initially the game asks you to complete various tasks in this particular map and after you level up, you can proceed to unlock other maps as well.


Lost Light has two types of soldier squads, one is Firefly and the other is Marauder. Interestingly, both squads operate differently and possess unique attributes. Firefly can be played when you first log in to the game whilst Marauder can be unlocked after you reach Level 3 after completing certain tasks.

  • Firefly

Firefly soldiers are tasked with invading the Marauder’s territory and extracting valuable items for their survival. When prompted to choose gear before heading to battle, Firefly soldiers can use any type of equipment they want and this can then be customized later on. One of the best attributes of this type is they don’t consume any energy when deployed on the battlefield. But keep in mind, Firefly has no ally on the battleground, you can, and will, get attacked by other Firefly and Marauders.

  • Marauder

Marauder is for the skilled players who can survive on the battlefield with any equipment or gear they are provided with. Marauders have allies on the field and the only enemy you need to shoot are the Firefly. The objectives are the same for both the squads, but this type consumes a certain amount of energy during combat. And, during the pre-game lobby, there is no option to choose a loadout as the game randomly grants you one. This type is preferred by those who don’t farm EXP points and only want loot.


Lost Light has three types of storage for you to use and each serves a different purpose. The first one is the common backpack that you take along with you into the battlefield to loot enemies after killing them. But, once you’re dead. those items are up for grabs for any nearby enemy or ally.

The second is Secure Case. Well, this works as a safe or hidden section in your backpack that actually retains your items when you’re dead. However, you'll want to save this to store the rare or exclusive items as it has very limited capacity.

Lost Light storage

And the last type is the main storage, which is located in the lobby and can be found near the wall of your room. This acts as a locker facility where you can transfer all the loot you have collected and later use them before heading to a battle. This can save you from buying items that you have already collected.

Additionally, you can upgrade all the storages which can be done by spending some amount of in-game currency. Also, you can sell some of your items if you run out of cash or your storage is full.


Until now we covered some of the essential information. but here comes the most important of all. What we mean by preparation is that the player has to select and modify the loadouts, collect essential items from the storage and check their current health stats, which we will discuss next.

In normal shooters, you can collect guns and ammo once you land on the battleground or you select your desired loadout and the rest of the things are readily available once the match starts.

Lost Light loadouts

In Lost Light, you will have to head to the Action section to buy guns with your in-game cash and select a primary and secondary gun before you can move out of the base. Additionally, you will have to buy ammo for each of the guns. Remember to follow this process, unless you want to face the enemy without any weapon and you’re not playing as Marauder.


Lost Light asks you to look after your character’s fitness and health stats. In every battle, the damage your character takes affects one of their body parts which later needs time to heal or you can instantly recover by using a health kit. One of the new interesting feature Lost Light has is called Bleeding. It continuously causes blood loss if your character has absorbed massive enemy blows. If any temporary medical kit isn’t used on time, then the character will die on spot and the player will lose the round.

After you return to the base, you can click on the human body icon that lets you see your character’s overall health stats and to cure them, the kits are available for a certain amount on the right side. Clicking on each item will indicate its use and a green colour blinks on the affected part that directs you to use that particular item on it.

Few basic Lost Light tips and tricks to use during the battle

  • As BAF Factory is a confined area, mostly filled with crates and ladders, it is advised that you stick to the ground in order to stay out of sight.
  • Before you proceed, stay hidden in between the crates and look for your allies and let the combat begin so you get a rough idea about the enemy’s placement
  • Always opt for a shotgun along with any other rifle of your choice, the shotguns are usually more effective in close-range combat.
  • If you’re playing as a Firefly, you get an option to heal or execute the person you knocked down. Before healing them, make sure they would be a reliable ally and doesn’t attack you once you help them back to their feet.
Lost Light gameplay
  • As the resources are quite limited, try to bait an enemy and hide behind a crate or any object and grab a kill when they fall into the trap.
  • Master the map and spawn locations to know where the resources like kits and ammo are available.
  • The minimap and the UI allow you to track the resource locations and the enemy’s movements too.
  • If you knock down an enemy, then do not rush directly towards the spot, as the nearby enemies might be camping or you may land up some kills if they come to grab the free loot.
  • After you get an overall idea about the location of the free resources, try to snipe the enemy as they will surely come down to collect it.

These were some of the basic Lost Light tips and information about the different in-game content that will help you get started right away. As you advance in the game and increase your account’s level you can unlock new content such as a new map, store, crafting machine and lots more.

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