7Doc has revealed its mobile quick combat strategy RPG Aotu World is now available for worldwide pre-registration today. You can now pre-register the game through the iOS App Store, Google Play or the official website.

Based on the popular Aotu World anime, the game includes strategic elements, thrilling combat and interesting minigames all through the guise of a low-poly art style.

It’s different from traditional strategy role-playing games, as the game uses a block-based board where each block determines your actions. This means when you move a unit to a certain block, they will automatically perform whatever move is assigned to that area. This combines moving and fighting into one, allowing the game to become fast-paced.

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Units in Aotu World are divided into multiple classes, where they each have their own attack style, range, and abilities. With this in mind, it’s important to place them in the right position to make the most of their skills.

For those who enjoy a degree of customisation, you can even use the game’s DIY system to change the facial details and outfits of your characters. This extends to dying hair, garments and accessories, and there’s also a doodle system present where you can create your own masterpieces or make fan art.

On top of the basics, there are also puzzle stages where you need to use your units to their full potential under restrictions such as time limits or the position of enemies. These stages are the most challenging parts of Aotu World.

Aotu World is now available for pre-registration on the iOS App Store, the Google Play for Android store, and on the official website. It will be a free to play game with in-app purchases, and is expected to launch on 23rd June.

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