Zynga has announced that they will be celebrating Mother’s Day virtually considering the current pandemic situation. The celebration will see multiple events in two of its games, Words With Friends and FarmVille 2: Tropic Escape.

Previously, Zynga had to cancel the Mother’s Day celebration last year, and it’s the second year in a row they have celebrated virtually. The publishers had celebrated the day in a regular manner back in 2019 by hosting multiple events in FarmVille and other titles.

Through the event, Zynga wants to show the importance and sacrifices of maternal figures. By keeping the rules and norms during the pandemic, both participating games will celebrate the events safely,

In the title, Words with Friends, the event has already started and will be running until May 9th. During this time, there will be numerous events, which, among others, includes the popular Weekly Challenge.

Proud winners of the weekly challenge can claim a Mother’s Boquet Badge and keep it as an achievement for this year’s Mother’s Day event. To continue the event, from May 10th until 16th, players will have to face off against a group of very talented WordMasters, during the Monumental Matriarchs Solo Challenge.

Additionally, each character in the 10-rung solo challenge is inspired by famous mothers from history, starting from Abigail Adams to Indira Gandhi.

In FarmVille 2: Tropic Escape, players have to help Talia, one of the islanders, who is currently inviting players to help her organize a gardening surprise party. The party is dedicated to her beloved mother, Kaya.

Players who participate in the event will receive a reward for a delightful floral trellis bench. The FarmVille’s “Happy Mother’s Day!” quest will be running from May 6th - 10th.

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