Lowtek Games has launched its first iOS game, Bowl ‘Em Down, after a release on the Google Play Store back in late 2020. The game is now finally available for both iOS and Android users.

Bowl ‘Em Down has an interesting premise centred around bowling a ball down an infinite lane of bowling pins and other obstacles. You can come across obstacles like rolling pins, saw blades and barriers that will impede your progress.

The levels are also randomly generated and infinite, allowing you to never see the same course twice on repeat runs. It’s really all about seeing how high you can get your score, and you can use these points to unlock new costumes for your ball.

But that’s not even the craziest aspect of Bowl ‘Em Down. Between runs you’ll have to scream into your phone’s microphone to continue playing and not reach a game over screen. However, your scream must be louder than the one you did last time if you want to keep playing and continue building your score.

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Check out the trailer linked above to see that crazy feature in action.

The idea behind this concept came from developer Ally Low, who calls Bowl ‘Em Down an “anti-social game”. Low once wondered how a bowling ball would feel as it rolls down a lane. It’s probably terrifying, so they imagined the balls to be screaming. This idea had been festering in their mind since 2006 and is now finally a reality.

If you fancy screaming the house down, you can download Bowl ‘Em Down from the iOS App Store and the Google Play for Android store. It is a free to play title which contains adverts.

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