Crescent Moon Games has released its prison escape puzzle game One Escape for iOS devices. You can now grab the game from the iOS App Store as a paid title.

In One Escape, you must help three convicts break free out of prison after they’ve been incarcerated for robbery. You perform actions such as hiding from the prison guards, searching for key cards to open locked doors, and avoiding dangerous pitfalls all on your quest to find freedom.

There are 60 levels overall to escape from, making this prison one of the most complex buildings I’ve ever heard of, and each one is filled with challenging puzzles and traps for you to avoid.

The three characters you play as each have their own unique abilities, meaning you have to diversify your approach to every level to ensure you can make the cleanest breakout ever recorded in history.

You may recognise the publisher Crescent Moon Games from its countless array of mobile titles published over the last decade. Some notable releases include Girabox, Path to Mnemosyne, and Micetopia. You can see its full portfolio over on the official website.

You can download One Escape now from the iOS App Store, where it is a paid title that costs $1.99. There's no word on if it's coming to Android via Google Play yet, but we will be sure to update you if any news of that arises.

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