Lozange Lab will finally release their puzzler, Rip Them Off, for Android on May 11th. It is a game that will test your economic and business management skills to progress. As you prepare yourself to show your expertise, the in-game board will task you to manage various shops to make the best profit from them. 

It is pretty simple to understand the gameplay as it tells you to set up and manage the new and existing shops and sell out the products to gain profit. The first and most important thing for you to do is look out for crowded streets that will have a lot of potential customers.

As you keep advancing through multiple levels, the game will also increase in difficulty accordingly. The most interesting part is that you plan to set up a shop in each new city with a different type of difficulty meaning each new city offers a fresh challenge.

The game sports minimal graphics and 1950’s music tracks that syncs perfectly with the gameplay along with the support of multiple languages. It smoothly combines the elements of a puzzler with tower defence games. 

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In addition, another unique feature of the game allows you to control the flow of time. That means the players can manage their business strategies by manipulating the time, which will ultimately help them to predict their future profits.

Players who are confident about their skills can prove themselves the best merchant by competing with their friends. To do so, achieve the highest profit among all your friends and get your name featured in the leaderboards.

Rip Them Off is now available to pre-register on Google Play whilst you can buy the game from the App Store today. It is a premium title that costs $3.99.

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