Garena Free Fire is, not only one of the hottest mobile shooters on the planet, but it's one of the biggest mobile games, period. It's widely popular for casual play, and it's also huge in esports too. Interestingly enough, of the major Battle Royale games, Free Fire is the only one that is exclusively on mobile.

It features a blend of realism and quirkiness. The combat overall is more realistic and not super cartoony. However, some of the weapons can be hilarious, such as running around with a scythe as if you're the Grim Reaper and striking your opponents.

It features a collection of unique characters who can be unlocked, each with its own swagger. It's a pretty straightforward Battle Royale that features some of the same elements that you're familiar with. If you're brand new, we'll tell you a few basic things to kick off your Free Fire adventure.

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