PUBG MOBILE is one of the hottest mobile games in the world. It's especially popular on the competitive scene, where you'll see several esports tournaments being held each year. It's the original Battle Royale game that kicked things off before its rapid growth. 

Also, the mobile version of the game is more popular nowadays than the console and PC versions of it. PUBG MOBILE is usually one of the most streamed games out there, especially on a platform like Facebook Gaming. It packs quite a punch too with great gameplay, graphics, and things to do. 

One of the things you can do is head to a unique training area. Here, you can run free and work on your shooting skills. Sometimes, you'll need to go through the fun social area called "Cheer Park" to reach. Go there, chill out for a bit, and then head to training. Here are a few things to do and work on in the practice location. 

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