With Spring now in full-swing, Shrouded Citadel is arriving on the app stores at the perfect time to help us all enjoy the gradual lockdown easing with some AR-assisted adventure.

Differing from the usual VR experience that has you confined to a small square space, Shrouded Citadel requires an environment with plenty of room for you to immerse yourself in its vast 1:1 scale environment. The game’s 3D dungeon world is so big in-fact that playing in a spacious outdoor setting like a park or field is highly recommended.

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The game tasks you with solving a variety of puzzles to proceed through its various floors, venturing ever deeper into the depths of the Citadel in order to make your escape. There are numerous unique obstacles to overcome, including some nefarious ghouls intent on halting your progress. Fortunately, near the start of the game you’ll be equipped with a rather handy plasma cannon to dispatch any nasties you come across, as well as break through any force-fields blocking your way. Just try not to get too trigger happy as you’ll also encounter the odd virtuous entity that will assist you in your escape.

When not attempting to negotiate the various traps and puzzles that await you, you’ll also have a number of boss fights to contend with, which is where Shrouded Citadel really shines thanks to its superb AR motion tracking system; at all times during the game, you’ll find yourself able to walk, lean, crouch, and turn in a way that feels extremely comfortable and intuitive.

If you’d like to try it for yourself, Shrouded Citadel can be found on both the App Store and Google Play for $1.99. You can also try the first two levels of the game via Shrouded Citadel’s lite version for iOS and Android.