If you're trying to learn all the latest Warpath tips there are, then look no further. Below you'll discover all the Warpath strategies you need to know, as well as plenty of tips to get you started in the best way possible.

War is all there is, and the only thing you can do is to try and win it all by becoming the strongest Commander. I'm talking, of course, about Warpath, a highly addictive base-builder game, where you have to strategically improve and dominate the map in order to rule.

Our Warpath strategy guide will walk you through every important aspect of the game, from the typical tips for beginners, such as improving your resource gains, to some more advanced ones, such as positioning on the map and fighting.

We're going to kick things off with some basic Warpath tips, and we'll gradually move on to the slightly more advanced ones. Are you ready, soldier? Then let's dive right in!

Don't neglect your basic quest log

The quest log is one of the best (if not THE best) way to level up quickly in the early game. Your goal should be to upgrade your base ASAP and move on to the actual fun and strategy-packed parts of the game. By levelling up quickly and advancing in the game, you're one step closer to those bits.

Another great reason to focus your attention on these quests is that they will slowly introduce you to the actual battles that you'll fight in the long run, where you will slowly get accustomed to the mechanics of the game and all the other elements of the battles.

You will obtain all of the Officers by completing these Chapter quests, so the faster you do it, the more Officers you will have available to deploy.

Warpath tips

Scout to reveal the great resource-rich areas around your base

Our second Warpath tip is related to scouting. Every time you are idle in the game, you should go ahead and scout the map around your base. When you notice a camp or a Raven that you can raid, then assemble your troops and get going! This is one of the best ways to stock up on resources in the early game, all while gathering EXP as well.

You should also try to estimate the respawn time for some of these camps, especially if you are farming a specific resource.

When in doubt, fight Raven camps!

Ravens are camps that you will notice scattered all around the world map. You can fight these in order to farm resources, so try to discover as many as possible and loot them all!

Open Chests to unlock powerful Camps

As you slowly level up, you will start to collect Universal Coupons that can be used to summon various units. Make sure you always collect 10 of them before you summon, because the odds of getting 4-star and 5-star units is slightly higher.

Never summon using 1 Universal Coupon at a time, because it's simply not worth it. Have some patience instead, and collect 10 before you go ahead and use them.

When you get any 5-star Camp (unit), start upgrading it right away. Chances are it will be a lot stronger than any of the 4-star and below units that you already own, so swap them out in your Army as well (after you level them up, of course). 

Make sure you are always researching a new feature

As soon as you are able to build your Research Center, you should go ahead and start researching. One of the most important features that you need to research is Industry -> Engineering Tests, because that will increase the general Tech Research Speed, but you should also consider upgrading the Military functions that fit you the most.

Since there are three main types of troops (Camp Liberty, Vanguard Division and Martyrs' Watch), if you focus on a specific one, then prioritize that. Otherwise, just focus on upgrading all of them equally.

After you unlock the other Research branches, you will focus mainly on collections, and whatever else you feel is necessary to boosting your CP according to your play style.

Join one of the top active Alliances

Of course, this is one of the basic Warpath tips, as most of the similar games are encouraging you to do the same. It might take quite a bit of time, but joining one of the top Alliances comes with its benefits (and they are quite important, believe it or not). First of all, you will be able to receive help from the other players whenever you are Researching or building/developing something, thus reducing the number of speed-ups you will need to use.

Then, you have unlimited access to a bunch of great features that will let you get even stronger. From extra stats granted by the Alliance Research function to an exclusive Alliance Store and Alliance Wars (PvP), you will have plenty of things to do and battles to join!

Don't forget to collect your Airdrops whenever possible

Each time you have access to your Airdrop resources, go ahead and claim them ASAP. They will replenish over time, so try to always use them when you have the option. You should also be on the lookout for any additional resources you can claim a round the map.

Upgrade your units and complete the Campaign Mode 

The Campaign mode is an increasingly difficult game mode, where you have to complete specific tasks in a certain amount of time, or by following very specific orders. These tasks get more and more difficult, so you won't be able to finish them all as soon as you start playing. If you are stuck at one of the levels, don't despair. 

Go ahead and continue playing as usual, and keep on upgrading your units. You might need your units to be of a certain level or strength to complete the higher Campaign battles, so take your time and do them slowly. The rewards are also great, so it will all be worth it in the end! 

You can, of course, download the Warpath from both App Store and Google Play Store.

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