Giant Dancing Plushies is a dancing game that's unlike any other you've seen or played before. It's a premium game that is all about what the name says it's about. You control some oversized stuffed animals who dance through the streets of cities.

Marching to the beat of some smooth dance music, you need to navigate your way to the end and avoid getting out of rhythm. You'll also need to watch out for turreted vehicles, as these see you as a threat, so you can dance over them in hilarious fashion to destroy them. Destroying these cars will sometimes net you rewards.

It's a game with some lovely colors and graphics and is also one of Pocket Gamer's highest-rated games this year so far on mobile. It's a fun, clean experience with no ads and the music is great as well. Here, we'll tell you a few things you should know about the cuddly dancing game.