Apart from combat prowess on the battlefield, a player can only ever be as good as the performance of the game itself - and with JOYCITY’s latest performance update, CROSSFIRE: Warzone players can now enjoy faster tactile responses and less lag during hardcore battles in the field.

The massive improvement update comes as a welcome solution to previous performance bottlenecks that kept players from reaching their full potential, especially during crowded City Takeover fights. The latest quality of life improvements include optimization during peak hours and smoother visuals in areas with high traffic. The City Takeover now also features troop restoration after the battle to alleviate the costs of troop loss and to speed up the replenishing of players’ forces.

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Better still, a new Officer Core System introduces additional Core level bonuses as a player increases Officer, Officer Gear, and Officer Skill levels. Levelling up unlocks cool skill benefits like Attack Speed buffs and PVP attack power boosts, effectively giving players a competitive edge during combat.

CROSSFIRE: Warzone is available on Google Play and the App Store as a free-to-play game with in-app purchases. You can also follow the game’s Facebook page or check out the official website to know more about the latest update.

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