NBA 2K21 Arcade Edition is the new, mobile edition of the massively popular NBA 2K series. This isn't the first time that the series has come to mobile devices, but, it is the first time that the basketball franchise has made its way to the Apple Arcade subscription service.

As with NBA 2K, Apple Arcade has continued to expand over time as well, with a blend of bite-sized, mobile experiences and console-like games. NBA 2K21 Arcade Edition plays a lot like the console/PC versions of the game, with improved graphics.

All of the NBA teams are in the game and it features updated rosters, including have the league's rookies. Also, the popular MyCAREER mode returns to mobile as well from the 2K20 mobile edition, but this time, it operates a lot like the console and PC versions, with the badge system implemented. But, if you're new to mobile NBA hoops, we'll give you a few tips for when you hit the hardwood or blacktop.

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