WizQuest by Dobsoft Studios is an upcoming action RPG game set to release on the 2nd of April, for both iOS and Android. It is an exciting fast-paced game that becomes more challenging as you progress.

Based on screenshots and trailers, it looks like WizQuest features simple game mechanics coupled with beautiful graphics that should look great with every sort of device. Movement is controlled using an on-screen joystick, which promises to be extremely smooth.

The game is all about defeating the evil dark wizard by coming up with different combinations of magic spells and strategies. Choose a powerful wizard for yourself and test his wide range of abilities. Come up with new tactics to fight powerful bosses and claim rewards after defeating them.

If you always wanted to brew and try different potion recipes, then you might enjoy WizQuest as you set to work brewing fantastic and powerful potions that can potentially turn the tide of battle.

Gradually collect items and help your wizard get stronger by upgrading their gear. Yes, it is quite important to focus on the improvement of their gear with the help of items as the difficulty increases significantly after each level is completed.

The balance of the game is said to perfectly scale with the level of difficulty to keep the player engaged. If you are into action RPG’s with magical content blended in, then this might be a game you can lose a lot of time to. So, be ready to explore multiple worlds, combine the right magical weapon upgrades and brew crazy potions with this action RPG Game.

WizQuest will be available on Google Play and App Store. It is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases. Although the game is slated to release on the 2nd of April, it has already launched in some regions.

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