Ultimate Basketball Manager, 2rkGames’ offline sports sim, is making pro basketball on mobile even more competitive with a new online ranked career mode. In GM Legends, you can compete against other general managers and see how you’re faring in a 25-season challenge for the ages. Pit your score against another GM’s and rise to the top of the charts as the ultimate BGM World Champion.

In the game’s very first ranked career mode, you can not only do what you do best out there on the court, but you’ll also be handsomely rewarded with well-deserved accolades (plus bragging rights) for all of your hard work and effort. Managing your team of elite basketball superstars has never been more rewarding - literally and figuratively.

As you manage and develop your coaches and your players, you steadily upgrade the franchise and get scored depending on your particular achievements. This precious score is then entered in the basketball GM Legends hall of fame so you can be immortalized forever among the greats. And if you’re a bit of a perfectionist and you want to aim higher, you can easily replay your career to try and boost those numbers, as only the highest score will be counted in the final tally.

Ultimate Basketball Manager is available to download for free on both Google Play and the App Store.