Polyworks Games’ dice-adventure hybrid game lets you travel the world in style all from the comfort of your couch with Farkle Safari, the mobile delight that’s fun and philanthropic at the same time. If you haven’t tried this game just yet when it first came out early this year, here’s a handful of reasons why you should:

Scratch that Farkle itch

Pandemic got you down? Keep it rolling by rolling the dice virtually and with the coolest animals in the wild, no less. Farkle Safari pits you against different animals in the wild amidst the lush Forest, the vibrant Jungle, the mysterious Ocean, and the breathtaking Savanna, with eight opponents you can test your skills against in every region.

If you’re new to the wonderful world of Farkle, the tutorial at the beginning has you covered. You take turns in rolling the dice against an NPC animal buddy - in order to score, you need to roll 1s, 5s, triples, or special rolls. Every animal opponent will have its own goal too, so every match is as challenging as the last.

Get ultimate bragging rights as the Farkle champion

Traveling the world virtually and being one with nature is one thing - being able to flex your Farkle prowess is another. Farkle Safari lets you do both as you make your way to the top of the charts as the ultimate Farkle champion!

You can earn trophies whenever you nail certain achievements and gain coins you can use to power up your game and give you a competitive advantage over feline Farkle foes or aquatic dice gurus. Play through it all with original music from Tyler Beckwith Music Production to get you into the game.

Unleash your inner completionist and collect custom dice sets

The free-to-play game also lets you collect custom dice sets so you can keep a nice and shiny record of your lovely dice collection whenever you want to walk down memory lane. Collecting dice sets serves as a welcome breather when you need to take a quick break from all the Farkle - but really, why would you?

The colourful creatures make each match entertaining as they dish out pun-ny comments every now and then. If you’ve never had a deer tell you that “This buck has great luck” or a crocodile threaten you with “Me no like you”, then Farkle Safari will be a delightful surprise. The stingray, in particular, strikes comedy gold with “I’m no ray of sunshine”, “Do you feel the sting?”, and “I’m like a ray-zor”.

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Farkle with the wildlife and save Mother Earth

Good-humoured trash talking aside, Farkle Safari’s core appeal is the fact that 10% of all proceeds from ads viewed and premium purchases benefit charities like the World Wildlife Fund and the Rainforest Action Network to help you conserve wildlife in your own way. Polyworks Games values player enjoyment that goes hand-in-hand with real-world impact that ultimately helps make this world a better place.

The game’s got a whole lotta heart, and is available for free with in-app purchases on Google Play and on the App Store. After all, while it’s pretty satisfying to best a sassy stingray, it’s still all about giving back.