With superheroes being front and center everywhere you turn these days, a lot of people are looking for the next best thing. We have high-production television shows to binge on, movies that are being released (and sometimes rereleased), and then there’s the form of entertainment that hasn’t waned since the 80s: licensed video games.

Superheroes big and small are getting their time in the limelight with playable adaptations of their heroic adventures. A lot of games now are giving you the satisfaction of playing from the villain’s point of view also, which was entirely unheard of when these types of games first came out. Pitting heroes that never clashed against certain villains in the comics or movies provides a means of writing your own stories and gives you control over how you play.

While the Nintendo Switch isn’t getting every major superhero title out there, there are plenty of options for you to enjoy. Ranging from Marvel comic characters to DC’s offerings, plus the additional console-exclusives, there’s still a bunch to pick from. With all those choices, it may be a tough decision regarding what game you should choose to invest your precious time in.

Here’s our list of the top ten superhero games for the Nintendo Switch. If you think there’s an essential title missing, let us know in the comments!