Nimble Neuron has launched Nano Legends, a new 3D tower rush strategy game available exclusively for iOS devices such as iPhone or iPad.

It takes place in an old shop where a witch has been collecting priceless antiques for the past 1000 years. She then uses these antiques to bring tiny characters called Nanos to life who then war with each other. It’s down to you as a giant to command the armies and win battles against your opponent.

You’ll be sending troops into battle, using miracles and controlling champions to control the battlefield, and the game uses a simple one-tap system to let you pick them up, throw them where you want them to go and actively use their skillsets to fight the enemy and control parts of the map.

You can see more of that in action by watching the below trailer.

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“The Champions are what makes our game so unique,” says Seonghun Song from Nimble Neuron. “Unlike other Tower Rush games, in Nano Legends, you actively control your Champion in battle. It’s more than a game of chess.”

“They all are very unique and have awesome interactions with each other [troopers, towers, and miracles], which puts strategy at the center of our game. You can even customize them with cool skins and accessories!”

There are 13 champions overall to play as, each with their own unique skills and advantages in battle. The game also features 49 units, 8 towers and 23 miracles on launch, but an upcoming update in mid-April will also bring more content to the game.

Nano Legends is available to download now from the iOS App Store.

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